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Just as many had begun to lament a lack luster showing from London this season, Bobby Abley struck back! The young designer stepped out from under the MAN umbrella, and truly landed on his own two feet with a cosmic collection that took us on a wild trip to outer space. Technical futuristic sportswear and fabrics were strong and hyper masculine, all made even stronger through Abley’s embrace of the Force. Yes folks, we ARE talking Star Wars! Every man, boy, and a good percentage of womens childhood and adulthood fantasies came to life, with the pantheon of Star Wars characters represented through the uncompromising mind of Bobby Abley, one dedicated to making fashion fun. From an all out Stormtrooper look, to Darth Vader cropped top and ‘Chewy’ jumper to a tennis dress for the girls bearing the legend “Princess Slayer”, Mr. Abley, sir we salute you!

Photography | londoncollections.co.uk , vogue.co.uk