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At the opposing end of the knitwear scale from avant garde Sibling come Scottish heritage stalwarts Pringle of Scotland. Known for their iconic argyle sweaters, the label’s AW15 was a tour de force in demonstrating just how diverse the medium of knitwear can be. Dressed predominantly in black, Pringle’s Scottish widows, paid an homage to the brand’s roots in understated styles all while referencing a certain glamour associated with the heady days of Studio 54. It was all very ‘un-Pringle’ in terms of the popular conception of the brand, and that is essentially what they wanted to achieve. AW15 is all about moving the brand forward, making it more directional and ergo; fashionable. Pringle is no longer your grandfathers or fathers golfing sweater, it is a fashion forward label that has now earned its rank amongst the pantheon of British style arbiters.

Photo source | style.com