Max Westin

With his boyish good looks and fashionable charm, we are proud to present our first male Lookbookmarks feature, Max Westin! All the way over in Gothenburg, Sweden, Max is mixing and matching, taking risks and succeeding. One day it’s classic, yet grunge with a long wool military-style coat and Docs, the next it’s a deep plum colored suit perfected for only the most chic of all fancy dinner parties. He even goes so far as throwing a pair of floral oxfords into the mix! May we just add: we’re honestly a tad bit envious because those are to die for. You probably thought girls were the only ones who could pull off short-shorts.. definitely not a guy, right? To our astonishment, Max has proved us all completely wrong. Anyone who obtains this incredible sense of versatility with color, bold prints, and atypical style deserves some major attention. Max is one savvy guy who’s not to be overlooked. And believe us, we’re staring right at him. It’s okay, we’ll excuse you while you pick your jaw up from the floor.

Max WestinMax WestinMax WestinMax WestinMax WestinMax Westin