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Luker by Neighborhood
Luker by Neighborhood boasts ‘conglomerate’ fashion in their Spring Summer 2013 collection. Notice how the collection combines so many different genres and subcultures and crisscrosses them into one fashion story. It is reminiscent of the things that have gone on in this past decade, with artists such as Usher and Rihanna merging rock, R&B and dance music genres into one song. The lines between politics and entertainment have also been blurred, with political campaigns on MTV and with the First Lady being on the cover of Vogue Magazine. Even the business world is merging with an individual’s personal life, with social media becoming an essential part of business.

Luker by Neighborhood reflects this aspect of society, as they use Gatsby caps, fedoras, monochromatic sweaters, and pastel jock jackets to convey this theme. The clothing articles convey so many subcultures; such as preppy, skater, street, European, music hippy, biker and car culture. The lines between these worlds have blurred, making way for an entirely new genre.