Masha RevaThere are hidden gems all over the globe just resting beneath all the debris, waiting for someone to come along and uncover the beauty they possess. One of those priceless gems is known as Masha Reva. Graduating from the Kiev National University of Technology and Design, she now lives in London, continuing her studies at Central St. Martins. Born in Ukraine, this artist has been using fashion as her medium.

For her spring 2012 collection, titled “Merging”, Reva incorporates what seems to be a countless amount of patterns on top of one another. The images she presents are captivating, but at the same time almost chaotic to try and organize. They are meant to represent all the different sources of media that we are constantly surrounded by in our everyday lives. This collection challenges what is natural, and what is artificial.

Reva has many upcoming projects, so keep your eyes peeled! To enjoy the rest of her inspirational works just click here!

Masha RevaMasha RevaMasha RevaMasha Reva