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The brains behind Austrian label Meshit, Ida Steixner and Lena Krampf, have released a preview of their Spring/Summer 2015 collection, inspired by the work of Viennese photographer Matthias Aschauer. Aschauer’s work documents empty houses, flats and other derelict buildings around Vienna just as Meshit’s model poses against backdrops of houses. The colour palette for the collection was influenced by Aschauer’s photos, including soft pastels like light sky blue, baby pink and creamy white, complemented by injections of striking coral, navy and red. Some of Aschauer’s photos are used as all-over prints for garments, while subtle stripes and waffle textures are used to create exquisite details. Fabrics are also influenced by Aschauer’s abandoned buildings and their ex-tenants featuring a mix of luxury velvet, soft-flowing cotton, terrycloth and waffle-pique. Silhouettes are a combination of form-fitting feminine cuts and more masculine, oversized pieces, hinting at the idea that these could be the long-lost belongings of old inhabitants.