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Michele Cadelano 2013 Graduate Collection While other designers get inspired by art, or nature, Michele Cadelano makes the difference. Developed around the imagery of psychiatric hospitals and their patients, the designer has created a menswear capsule collection of five different looks. He achieves this by designing baggy clothes with loose lines, saggy trousers with big side pockets and flowing coats. The materials he uses are soft, exactly like the colors of the garments. Soft, pastel tones, with the only exception being a bright orange outfit reminding of prisoners. Instead of using shoes, he has created a substitute, red leather socks with a zip on the back side. While some of the clothes look like they could belong in any collection, Cadelano’s most characteristic trick is the big knot he places in the front of the trousers and in the back of the sweaters, a clear reference to the straitjacket. The collection achieves to give that asylum feeling, an asylum of a different era, while revolutionizing the stereotypes of mentally ill people’s clothing.