The world is immensely connected, each day new relationships are fostered, with dialogues flowing globally. Part of the beauty of interaction, is that it is freed of conditions and restraints. People have a choice on how they wish to part-take. Observe, engage or communicate. When roaming across countries, one always carries belongings, some more than others. Solutions for doing so, are aplenty. However, they are not always that functional. On a recent trip to Copenhagen, I came across the sensible universe of MISMO. Run by husband and wife team, Adam and Rikke, the brand provides sleek and eclectic solutions for our busy day-to-day. It felt remarkable to meet them, as they know precisely what they want and work in such close harmony.

What truly differentiates the brand, definitely has to be the sincerity by which these accessories are crafted. From the selection of fabrics, leather and closures to the design of graphic finishes and shapes, each phase is meticulously documented by hand. MISMO simply does not leave room for error. What this means, is that the final product speaks from the heart and does just what you would want from a travel companion: make life a little easier. For their latest offering, MISMO teamed up with photographer Anders Overgaard. He shot their textured duffle bags, sleek leather cases and shaped backpacks, always playing with that unique sense of versatility, something wanderers will surely appreciate.