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The middle ages were a wonderful time for fashion, dominated by tight metallic corsets, polished armours, and brocart gowns. Emelica Lidman and Mike Årsjö, the creators of Swedish label MURKY, are bringing this gothic aesthetic back to life but with a modern twist. The key point to their creations is the hand, interpreted as a calm, unspoken statement, a symbol of a man’s power and the keystone to one’s life and success. The collection consists of silver cuffs, oversized rings resembling small blades and spikes as well as a series of really innovative hand pieces, which give away vibes strongly associated with fetish bondage. This feeling of restriction is however wonderfully balanced with the simplicity and geometry of the designs. Entirely made in different shades of silver, the new offering should be best described as a cohesive conceptual presentation exploiting the aesthetic heritage of the dark ages with a smart new approach.