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When it comes down to a brand successfully personifying their individual look with a certain collection it is clear that many have “it” and many don’t. Though I do wonder how many of these brands truly and sincerely take into consideration the changing mind and taste of the consumer. In my time I have come across several collections that were drenched in hues, patterns and designs that were simply unbearable. These molds embodied pieces that not only crossed the line of consumer friendly but honestly belonged right back into the mind of the designer. With Odeur that is not the case. Founded in 2006 in Stockholm, this brand began and continued on the idea of legit minimalism; a method that has not failed them in success. Incorporating tempting yet sweet accents their pieces do indeed match the ideal of a wearable collection with pizzazz.

Its 2014 Spring Summer Look Book once again brings these characteristics to life with pieces that remain fascinating, sleek, lustrous, inviting and yet daring. The color palette used is one that is non-exaggerated and easy on the eyes. This demonstrates exactly why Odeur has spread to 17 countries in such a short time period provided outerwear and jeans alike.