Patrick Stephan 2014 Spring Summer Collection Male or female, doesn’t matter which. All are welcome in regards to the influence and purpose of Patrick Stephan and his latest collection for SS14. A compilation of versatile pieces geared toward the more style savvy niche in the market, the consciousness behind the collection is bold in its intent to reach a wider range of people with its ostensible blend of masculine and feminine tones. The brand has produced an abundant array of sharp and functional pieces with symmetric detailing, prestige tailoring, and line-blurring accessories. Definitely a significant aspect of the collection are the accessories. Clutches and purses or ‘murses’ and travel bags, they can adapt to whoever the wearer is. Their duality is eminent. A refreshing twist on texture and color with soft and tough materials and splashes of blue and gray, there are undoubtedly some key pieces to recognize: the elongated two-tone coat, royal blue cropped trouser and oversized blazer, and of course the diverse accessories.

Patrick Stephan 2014 Spring Summer Collection Patrick Stephan 2014 Spring Summer Collection