Kate Moss with an intense expression that resembles that of a hungry wolf, Linda Evangelista gazing in the void with her eyes pinned upon the viewer, Jean Moreau old and wrinkled but yet so interesting and seductive. These are just a few of Peter Lindbergh’s most celebrated works which visitors can now appreciate at an exhibition dedicated to the renowned photographer, in the Gagosian Gallery in Paris, his first exhibition in Paris for more than a decade with works spanning over 30 years. Entirely shot in black and white and rich in references that range from film noir to early German Expressionism – the work of Lindbergh manages to be both diverse and minimal at the same time. Peter Lindbergh, studied in Berlin and in Arles, following the footsteps of his icon Vincent Van Gogh, and moved in Paris in the 70’s where he quickly established himself in the fashion scene. His work has been featured in international publications such as Vogue,Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, and the New Yorker while he has shot campaigns for Jil Sander, Armani and Commes des garcons. One of the most important and influential photographers of our time, his exhibition is not to be missed.

Duration | September 10 – November 22
Address | Gagosian Gallery, 4 rue de Ponthieu, Paris, 75008