Rag & Bone
is a decade-old, ready-to-wear brand based in New York. It was born out from British meticulousness and raised within American metropolitan urban culture. For its male clientele, the award-winning design duo prepared a simple, yet quite intriguing Spring ’13 collection, with many military influences inspired by vintage portraits of Ernest Hemingway.

Subdued by rotten greens, faded oranges and midnight navy-blues, the sartorial proposals include functional structures in wide knee-high shorts paired with sport jackets and bags, oversized parkas and high black socks. The adventurous undertone of the collection is emphasized by camouflage patterns with traditional greens replaced by greys, desert hues and lightweight yet durable, waterproof and breathable fabrics. Even the suits and blazers seem to be adjusted to extremes as the silhouettes are loose and the fabrics look stretchy. The tracksuits, on the other hand, acquired smart, close-fitting shapes.

Whether one strolls downtown, hangs out with his skateboard fellows in the wire-meshed yard or camps out in the mountains, Rag & Bone’s spring offer seems to be answering his diverse needs with its sandy-brown chinos and basic beige trench coat, jersey shirts and motor leather jacket or butterfly-catcher hats and simple austere sneakers. Below are some of our favourite pieces.

Rag And BoneRag And BoneRag And BoneRag And BoneRag And BoneRag And Bone