Raphael HauberFrom beginning to end the Raphael Hauber SS13 collection is quite a treat for the eye. As the season becomes warmer & the summer bliss in in bloom, it is becoming unmistakable that darker tones have taken a bit of stand still. Without depending on over exaggeration there is a great arrangement of sensational tones and calm colors that create an admixture that one cannot deny. From the Bad Bomber Flamingos to the BD Shorts there are numerous patterns that sincerely stand out enough to cause a respectful scene.

There is a up-to-the-minute genius and a touch of urban skill that leaves one guessing if this brand can get anymore versatile. With enough pop for the most eccentric individual and a few subtle pieces that branch out enough into the spectrum of “out there”. One aspect that stood out to me was the clean cut look of this collection. Though it screams “YOUTH” there is an quintessence of refinement that does efficaciously set Raphael Hauber apart from the rest. Honorably, Raphael Hauber confidently can deliver young, fun with a classy and sparkling touch. A bit hard to believe, but this feat of creating such a brand is thankfully and manifestly possible.