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Realistic Situation Autumn Winter 2013 CollectionSimplicity with a sense of chaos is what represents Realistic Situation, a label inspired by the designer’s birthplace, Bangkok. Since 2004, Patsarum Sriluansoi, designer of the brand, creates clothes that bow to minimalism. The collection consists of men’s and women’s clothing, both strictly in black and white, as this gives the chance to the eye to take a closer look which can reveal many interesting details like uneven lengths, crooked zips, and miniskirts with a tail. Apart from the repeated cuts, we also notice the use of black leather often joined with the rest of the cloth, like a jumper with leather sleeves. Achieving to be unique with no exaggerations, the collection serves casual style and sticks to its name, by presenting realistically wearable clothing. Light fabrics mixed with sharp cuts constitute the silhouette of a rock elf, while Sriluansoi creates fashion on classic pieces with a twist of Asian aura.