For SS17 Roni Ilan revisited and adapted an interconnecting jacket from AW16 for a film created in collaboration with James Wreford. This became the collection’s main point of inspiration, as Ilan focused on the concept of walls as ‘something that seem to protect us, but something that also prevent us from making a connection.’ Taking this idea further, the new offering became a reactionary body of work, which explores the idea of bringing down walls. Walls that sit between countries and people, and walls within ourselves.

The collection itself consists of hand-finished overcoats, blouson jackets, tunics and wide legged trousers. Made from painted canvas, shapes are re-enforced through large pleats. Colour is achieved through a specially formulated dye made from mixing only primary colours, resulting in a complex shade which appears back from afar, gradually revealing greens and gunmetal greys on closer inspection.


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