Fashion is often used by designers as a platform, to visually communicate their emotional stance towards issues within the industry. Chilean designer Sebastian del Real Ossa is no exception. The latest collection from his eponymous brand is entitled ‘Corazones’ or ‘Hearts.’ Since the launch of the label’s first RTW collection back in 2011, Sebastian del Real Ossa has appeared in national multi-brand retailers such as Hall Central. The closure of these stockists, means intensified pressure for independent garment makers, who no longer have a viable means to showcase their designs. The ‘Corazones’ collection serves as a form of reactionary symbolism to this phenomenon. Robust silhouettes, with high-necks and pointed shoulders, seem to signify the brand’s defiance towards change. Blood red is used in abundance as an emblem of passion and yet violent resistance, whilst pristine white resonates purity and hope. Latex and patent leather bring sensuality and femininity to garments that are otherwise staunch in their construction. The most imagery laden, is the gold thorn headpiece- reminiscent of the crown of the messiah. A reference to the immortality of the brand perhaps. This is a collection that will definitely appeal to the ‘corazones’ of the fashionable.