A 36-year-old man obsessed with collecting Transformer toys is enough to perturb anyone. For New-York based fashion designer SIKI IM, his affinity for the plastic playthings is not just a childhood sentiment: it is a window in to his creative process.The former architectural student at Oxford University is the mastermind behind the jacket that turns into a backpack: just like,you guessed it, a Transformer. His latest denim diffusion line is aptly entitled DEN IM – a play on the designer’s own name. Working largely within a monochromatic palette: SIKI IM presents a minimal aesthetic. Distressed, light-washed and bleached denim are used to make jackets and slouch fit jeans. The effect is overtly rugged and masculine. Softened by the addition of round-neck T-shirts; most pieces feature unique contrast patching. The garments are basic, and yet functional and versatile, like the Autobots that inspired their inception.

Photo source : thisheartsisonfire