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Love and its bittersweet nature constitute a powerful theme many have attempted to touch upon throughout the centuries with the purpose of creating art of any kind, be it poetry, music or painting. Adding a little fashion to the equitation, Chinese designer Six Lee has been producing lines that speak directly from the heart season after season. His latest offering for AW14 is yet another brilliant example with the designer expressing feelings of confusion, complication and doubting through fine tailoring. Using the abstract yet highly emotive work of Andy Denzler as a starting point, Six Lee, created a collage of his own by bringing together very opposite but nonetheless fascinating elements borrowed from both the English and Chinese cultures; oversized coats resembling high-end versions of Tibetan costumes are mixed with skinny-fit tailored trousers, oxford shirts are adorned in metallic details and 19th inspired suits are transformed through the use of bold patterns and prints. Much emphasis is also given on layering, a great choice which not only adds depth but also provides the collection with an even sharper character.