Sober Is Sexy
Frankly it is strange however, the fact that our generation is quite aware of our well-being and what is truly good for us is an astonishment to many. However, it is not shocking, for there are many of those in our age bracket that stray away from such aspects like drugs and alcohol. With a youth influence by the life fast die young lifestyle it is exciting to see a brand such as Sober Is Sexy.
Sober Is Sexy is exploring a new manner in which one could mix a drug free lifestyle with fashion. Backed by the slogan “You don’t need drugs and alcohol to have fun, but you do need Sober Is Sexy to look good.” Hayley Mortison, Bori Mischief and Hanna Beth founded Sober Is Sexy.
A far cry from ordinary this brand of clothing is not only revolutionary but stylish as well. Never has being sober look so incredible and dynamic in styles. With shirts that state Don’t Die, The Only Coke I Do Is Diet, Heroin Killed The Radio Star and Rehab in The Valley this line not only spreads awareness but also sheds light upon the beliefs of our culture as a whole when it comes down to substance abuse.

Sober Is SexySober Is SexySober Is SexySober Is Sexy