Spanaki 2013 Spring Summer Collection ' SEELUFT'Combining both music and fashion into one statement piece whilst maintaining a recycled ethos is what SPANAKI have achieved with their latest collection. Of course, the concept of recycling vinyls and transforming them into statement jewellery sounds very simple and cheap but this collection of jewellery enhances shape and form in a delicate and feminine way. By adding gold and silver leaves to the jewellery, SPANAKI have managed to glamorise what may have previously been a dull manipulation of materials.

The collection ranges from chunky metal, disjointed necklaces that use layering to intensify a contemporary dynamic to glazed dangly earrings that have a marble effect. These specific earrings almost look like they encase a story, the gold ripples through the top of the earring delicately, whilst the bottom is black which augments the texture and colour of the gold flashes. SEELUFT jewellery has a naturally resourceful feel to it. It combines a mixture of industrial and agricultural, perhaps more appropriately phrased- natural, elements which help to make it so versatile.

The intertwining of materials enables the consumer to either showcase the jewellery as a constraining, fitting and adorning enhancement to the body. Or contrastingly, a large selection of the range is loose and suggests comfort and an almost simplistic, easily portrayed elegance.