With the mishmash Nuno Miguel, Allexandre Teixeira and Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah StapleForTheCoolKids is an illustration of well…the cool kids. A melting pot of everything that is in the now and splashed with deep inventiveness this is a line that surely catches notice. The name alone stands above many signifying its position in today’s culture.

An ode to fame and a land of access StapleForTheCoolKids is the specimen of current movements. Unique can be one word to describe this line. However, that seems too standard and general. Therefore, it is easier to let the brand speak for itself. Danny Boys in Heavy Spray Paint, Doopler Effect and Stripes demonstrate an assorted mixture of everyday casual attire and a pitch of creativeness there is nothing normal about these styles.

Run in London, StapleForTheCoolKids pays homage to the importance of prints, patterns and staples that cause a ruckus.  Now, with the remembrance of those who would rather make a scene Nuno Miguel, Allexandre Teixeira and Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah do indeed supply the materials to do so. Fairly new and fresh StapleForTheCoolKids is a fashion line many can get used to.  Polka Dots, Zebra Prints and Stars nothing is left out or unimagined. Any and every display is up for experimentation.