Refusing to be pigeonholed as a fashion label alone, STILL ILL grew organically from a desire to visually explore the duality of ‘love and heartache’, incorporating numerous creative and cultural influences to form an experimental S/S15 capsule collection. Boxy jersey tees and shorts are ubiquitously overwhelmed by pop culture inspired prints with an anarchist sensibility, as controversial as they are colourful. The unisex pieces parody popular imagery, advertising and modern internet culture in a barrage of primary colours, superimposed graphics and type- channelling the motto ‘turn your pain into a t-shirt’. Perhaps most recognisable is the post-punk thread focusing on legendary ‘80s clubbing personalities such as Leigh Bowery, no doubt a nod to Italian designer, Riccardo Slavik’s own fashion editor/ DJ status. More rooted in art than fashion exclusively, the project’s appeal lies within its inherent, rebellious incongruity in an industry so keen to compartmentalise design into trends and seasons.