Sylvio Giardina 2014 Autumn Winter CollectionBold and daring are the two words that first come to mind when seeing the Fall range of Paris born and Rome based designer Sylvio Giardina. With a background in haute couture, this is a collection by a designer that really knows how to sculpt fabric to create beautiful shapes. A unique approach to using fabric has been adopted, whereby fillers and thicker materials are used to frame the female silhouette in a unique style. These styles are created in strong and bold colours – silver, grey and black in different textures, which add a sophistication and polish to the overall look. The collection focuses on blending ethical and aesthetical values, and is innovative in the way that material and shape come together. For example, edgy metallic leather sits alongside techno fabrics on pieces that redefine classic clichés. Redial lengths, severe necklines and geometric shapes make for a conceptually strong and aesthetically pleasing new collection from Sylvio Giardina.