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Italian designer Sylvio Giardina has unveiled his offering, ‘White Noise’, for Spring/Summer 2015. Inspired by sound, Giardina uses clever technical craftsmanship and impressive skill to showcase his outstanding creativity. Pieces are finished with intriguing multi-dimensional details; asymmetric silk fringes hang from skirts, 3D brocades adorn necklines and laser-cut details create interesting silhouettes. The designer plays with colour, enriching perfect white with aquamarine and lime green details. Clever treatment of fabrics bring the collection to life – satin woven with nylon threads and black tweed treated with luminescent varnishes give the impression of perpetual movement. White Noise marks Giardina’s sixth collection for his own label, which he launched in 2011 after leaving his co-created brand, Grimaldi Giardina. His work is designed predominantly by his search for a ‘new silhouette’, his philosophy of abandoning the classic shapes of the body and creating entirely new ones.