Tailoring, thick knits, layering and bold shapes, just an array of qualities you can expect from the T collection by Alexander Wang. A versatile selection of clothing demonstrates the female form in a feminine and masculine way, accentuating fashion and class more than over sensualising the figure. Introducing a palette of pastel and subtle colouring to coincide with the monochrome and simplistic tones, the focus is simplicity but in an innovative way.

Whilst a shade of mint green compliments the knitted and contoured jumper- matching shorts, the lemon colouring adds an element of summer (a zesty feel) to the previously underrated plain high neck cropped vest and shorts. An almost Edwardian-exaggerated shoulders and synched in waist- playsuit uses pattern to show under garment layering off. It reveals a little of the white underneath (we see a glimpse of this on the collar of the garment) but doesn’t reveal too much. This leaves us expectant and intrigued to understand the way in which the playsuit has been formed.