The worlds of fashion and art go hand in hand, both striving to create beauty to be admired- in their own way. Both worlds have also brought us incredible minds that are able to cast some light onto our modern lives and offer new perspectives. The latest young mind to do just that is mixed media artist Enrico Nagel. Born in Berlin in 1987 and now residing in Frankfurt, Nagel also inhabits both zones at the same time; his work so vividly belonging to the fashion and art worlds. Simple collages, featuring bold colours and thoughtful composition best describe his style. When undertaking a general look at his body of work to date, it is the fashion focus pieces that stand out the most. The 2012 “Secret Garden” series spliced stylish men and women with fruit, flora and jewels is notable for the way in which fashion is brought back to nature, while the “Behind the Glass” portraits showcased real skill in photography – each face was scanned for 30 seconds to create an impression of people trapped in stillness.