Imagine Henri Matisse’s collage abilities combined with the quirky pink world of Elsa Sciaparelli and the odd avant garde beauty of Martin Margiela and you get a feeling of Charlie Engman’s work. A young up and coming photographer, whose work has beenĀ  featured in various fashion magazines as well as many solo and group exhibitions, over the past few years.

Engman’s vision consists of a vibrant new approach to fashion photography where the classic frame composition is deconstructed with models looking as if they accidentally, yet so gracefully, landed at their place. He creates beautifully “re-arranged” , as he himself describes them, pictures in which various color, shape and texture contrasts come together to complete his unique aesthetic universe. But one of his most impressive works would have to be the project titled M O M. Away from his fashion background Engman photographed his mother, in many cases bare naked, creating that way portraits of subtle dynamism and a raw apologetic vibe, which essentially map and expose their own intimate relationship.