With a cinematic theme running throughout their impressive portfolio of photographic shots, Formento + Formento is formed of two individuals seeking unique and striking ways of expressing themselves. Through creative direction and photography, they have managed to do just this. BJ makes up the first half of this dramatic duo, offering his photography skills and capturing the deep levels of instant emotion, allowing us to experience it with him, almost as if we were present at the time of shooting. Richeille incorporates her knowledge as creative director, through patience, consideration and well thought-out composition. Their aim is to create a story and a dialogue without the use of words, meaning balance and use of the mind & eye are necessary. Their hard-hitting campaigns for the likes of Women’s aid charity and dramatic work for VOGUE and GQ prove their versatility and talent of being able to draw viewers in and raise awareness.

As guessed, each individual is no more or less necessary than the other. With them, there come no maybes or buts. Anything is possible, and their past and present work prove just that. We can only imagine the nature of the project Formento are set to embark on in the future!

Formento + Formento