Capturing fleeting moments of intimacy, Tyler Udall’s photography seeks to defy preconceptions and explore the blurred lines between gender and identity. At the forefront of a new generation of American photographers his work conjures a candid approach to the portrayal of youth; it is romantic yet lustful, raw yet delicate. Following a prosperous career as Senior Fashion Editor for London based magazines Dazed & Confused and Another, Tyler returned to his native Canada where he sought to unite his auspicious career with his affection for photography. It was here that he began taking photographs as a means of chronicling his life and that of his friends and loved ones. Spanning the past four years, his imagery reflects the raw and rapid pace of his adult life with each click of the shutter exposing the energetic exchange he shares with those closest to him. As scantily clad men and women fade into shimmering pools of water or lay meagerly amidst crisp white sheets, the confines between innocence and corruption become straddled and we as viewers acknowledge the veiled vulnerability of people.