Kerry Skarbakka’s work has traveled all around the nation; exhibitions include international museums, galleries, and art fairs. It has been featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and has even been seen by the eyes of Germany and the Warhol Museum. Skarbakka’s photography series titled, The Struggle to Right Oneself hits a soft spot for audience members as it addresses human existence. The series was inspired by the German philosopher, Martin Heidegger who defined human existence as a process ongoing failures. As the title eludes, the pieces are made up failing self-portraits. Skarbakka takes the project to a stunning visual level as he captures the essence of human failure, which is found in our everyday lives. From tumbling down flights of stairs to free falling off skyscrapers, the artist challenges the idea of mankind’s constant search for perfection.

Kerry Skarbakka - The Struggle to Right Oneself