Basics. By their very name and definition, should be basic and functional. The White Briefs specialise in creating laid back necessities where the key ingredients are new thinking solutions of humanity and quality. The studio based in southern Sweden attempts to create thoughtful and innovative variations on those garments that are closest to our skin, that we use everyday and that we often forget about. The brand is big on corporate responsibility, using organic farming techniques and lush, high quality fabrics. The latest offering from the brand is a collection of sleek, timeless pieces. Comprising of fitted bottoms and tailored but relaxed tops, the silhouette is sleek with an almost architectural feel. In keeping with spring, colours come in the way of moss green and a sultry pale yellow, with dashes of blue and red. Supreme comfort and unparallel fit with the highest quality of fabrics – a thoughtful, considered and very welcome approach to basic garments.