T.B.A’s (To Be Adored) SS13 collection demonstrates a sophisticated manipulation of fabrics and a drapery that radiates femininity but maintains virtuous connotations. This combined with a tonal palette of black, blue, cream and white shades is representative of both the grunge subculture and a feminised symbolism. This symbolism is presented through effortless adornment- the loose clothing within the collection promotes this.

This Spring/Summer collection withholds notions of reminiscence and longing for the past. The garments contain significant and nostalgic undertones but freshen up these existing historic impressions with a flash of modernised fashion distinctions. Two statement outfits to particularly draw attention to are the matching suits, one blue and one a crisp white, both encouraging diverse methods of tailoring. Of course, this tailoring is elemental. The suits exude femininity but still endorse masculinised features, including- squared shoulders, an accentuated draping of the front panels and loose trousers. However, these characteristics are over dramatised and manipulated to be bold. Some might say the suits are couture like, in essence.

An array of different designs diversifies the feel of T.B.A’s latest collection: ranging from loose and floaty dresses like the ‘rose dress’- patterned and augmented tops like the ‘sandy top with pacman and star lace’. It is quite apparent that the collection offers a little something for everyone. That something may be a cute housewife dress or, quite contrastingly, a suit which emanates empowerment and perhaps traces of feminism.