For his 2015 collection, Tom Van Der Borght looks to naked human skin and the restless nature of the safari, to create pieces that have a restless need to explore and adventure. The “Naked Safari” is a continuation of the designer’s aesthetic and ideas of a community where we are reborn, as our pure and pristine selves. When seeing the world for the first time, exploration is key and this collection brings together a youthful use of bright colours like purple, pink, yellow and orange. The inspiration of a new world and the freedom of safari are literally placed on pieces with images of foetuses and giraffes placed on garments. Tom Van Der Borght is known for his use of these colours with psychedelic graphic and texture and The Naked Safari has all of these in abundance. Inherently unique in its approach and reach, the collection features hand worked pieces alongside knitwear, 3D printed helmets and laser cut screen printed accessories.