Diesel and Edun Project : Studio AfricaOur story begins with Renzo Rosso, the founder of Diesel, along with Ali Hewson and Bono, the founders of EDUN. In January 2012 they traveled to Uganda and Mali, sharing with each other their love for the continent. While traveling, they toured each other’s programs: Diesel’s Only The Brave Foundation, located in Dioro, Mali and EDUN’s Conservation Cotton Initiative (CCI) in Uganda. This experience encouraged the innovative founders to join forces under the name of Diesel + EDUN, with hopes of further increasing the trade and development in Africa. This movement then gave birth to Studio Africa.

The beautiful collaboration of Studio Africa serves as a powerful voice for a new generation of creative talents from all across the continent. Anchoring the campaign are nine artists with works in the field of fashion, film, music, literature, and photography. These individuals hold a special love and commitment for their country and its people. Laurence Chauvin Buthaud, the Ivorian designer whom is taking her creative vision past the clichés of African fashion to broaden the horizon of  menswear; Abdellah Taia, the writer from Morocco breaking the strong social norms from the Arab world by being the first openly gay author; Flaviana Matata, helping women find empowerment through the pursuit of education and business. These are only just a few members of the wonderful cast behind this campaign.

Studio Africa features a denim collection born purely from the heart of Africa, being both sourced and manufactured there, coupled with only the finest CCI cotton from Uganda. The collection holds 25 pieces of untreated denim and was co-designed by Diesel+EDUN. The vision was born out of the four pocket jean which was wildly popular in the 1970’s. Malian prints are spread across the collection in the lining while embroidery details pay homage to Zulu weaving patterns. Four original symbols are stamped throughout the pieces as a shining beacon to represent the pure heart and soul of Diesel+EDUN.

Diesel + Edun Project - Studio AfricaDiesel + Edun Project - Studio AfricaDiesel + Edun Project - Studio Africa