NO SMOKING + BETTER SEX FT APM MODELSWith various frightening approaches to the war against smoking, it is always terribly refreshing to be introduced to positive advantage of kicking the habit. After quitting smoking and experiencing endless changes in his life, Nathaniel Aryeh  (producer of commercial) quickly realized the stamina he had gained. After years of being a smoker Mr. Aryeh began to notice the loss of excitement that once existed in his life.

Sex, sex, sex ALWAYS a topic of interest in various situations. Though the combination of better sex and quitting smoking has rarely been presented. Honestly, it is a brilliant mixture of pleasure and a life-changing situation. Deeply passionate about this scientifically proven belief brought upon a new public service announcement that demonstrates a grand variation that is introduced after halting a bothersome smoking habit . . . Better Sex.

Weaved together by breath taking models Kate Wolf & Juan Sebastian Cortes of APM Models and music by Antonio Rey, there is a modern and fresh take on this notion. Beautifully depicted by a fictional couple who once fell “out of love” and further and further away from passion, this public service announcement sheds light on the increase or stimulating sex after ditching the intake of tobacco.