Steffie Christiaens SS13 - The Empty Rituals of RealityThe tranquillity and freedom of water. The unpredictable movement of the body when immersed. The frailness of shredded cloth and the seduction of partial nudity. In this short conceptual film, Steffie Christiaens showcases the inspiration used for his SS13 Collection.

We see a model moving gracefully underwater, almost like a mermaid or like the foetus in the womb. The water suddenly forms new ways of thinking with endless possibilities; an entirely new way of life perhaps? It’s almost like we’ve been dragged to the depths of a parallel world where worries are lessened and stresses become non-existent. This could perhaps emulate the way in which Christiaens garments fall so graciously on the female body form; with the restrictions of being underwater present through figure flattering, transparent textures, yet with a certain level of freedom when moving around within the water with drape and fabric lightness.

Using a conceptual film in order to communicate the designers thought process and inspiration is both innovative and refreshing. Seeing moving visuals rather than flat images sometimes creates a more flattering platform for Art and Fashion viewing; allowing the viewer to put both life and outfit choices into perspective.

Dive into 3-D construction, element experimentation and abstract prints with Steffie Christiaens this Spring. No need for goggles however; risk taking is always worth the thrill!