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Contrary to fashion’s frenetic nature, Wordsmiths United is uninhibited by seasons or trends. True to its name, the Toronto-based label is driven by the poetic concepts of simplistic beauty and spontaneity, creating fuss-free pieces which transcend the traditional fashion calendar- refusing to be pigeon-holed.

Wordsmiths United’s latest offerings are infused with a streetwear edge; strategically placed slogans and snapback caps are combined with clean-cut silhouettes and an exclusively monochrome palette. The collection lookbook, shot on a secluded railway track, is an intriguing reflection of the brand’s philosophy; just as the man-made order of the tracks juxtaposes the unpredictability of the natural surroundings, the structured pieces are balanced by the model’s unkempt charm. One of the few accents of detail, a football-esque band adorns the arm of a minimal white shirt, a witty wordplay of sorts hinting at the light-hearted spirit of WSU.