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Joining the trend for unisex fashion, young Taiwanese label, XIWI forgoes overtly gendered garments; instead making its mark with strong design and nuanced meaning, emanating from every seam. The S/S15 collection is neutral, yet conceptually charged, exploring the definition of beauty and ugliness within society. Flesh toned, organically draping pieces dominate the story, evoking the fluidity of the human form and the translucency of skin. The feature of text and identity-stripping face masks suggest a subtle reference to body modification, whilst the surreal setting of the lookbook and disconcerting poses of the models give an almost futuristic feel.

Although far from simple in conception, on a base level the ‘Aesthetic Theory’ collection is all about uncomplicated forms, clean pattern cutting and tonal contrasts. Arguably the best- and most wearable- offerings come in the form of raw edged, high-necked shirts and free-flowing gowns- beautifully effortless in appearance.