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Xperimental Shoes 2013 AW CollectionMade entirely by hand, the A/W 13’ collection of the Xperimental shoes brand from Portugal makes a noteworthy entry thanks to their strong visual identity. The twin sisters Celia and Anna, who introduced their designs only a year ago, make innovatory use of leather and wood by inventing unique ways of applying them to unusual forms. Through research and analysis of trends, they approach the shoe concept in a new way that serves both fashionistas and casually dressed girls. The shoes, mostly high heels, despite their ‘heavy’ looks can be worn with everyday outfits, as they come in safe winter colors such as black brown and burgundy, but also in simple lines that emphasize the design’s novel finishes and cuts. Distinctive wood soles, gold zippers and satin laces create a quirky mixture of simplicity and color contrast that, as their name suggests experiment and challenge the rules of shoe fashion.