ADIDAS WOMEN - MY GIRLS CAMPAIGNWith a world so full of male sport icons, females are frequently striving to stand out in their particular specialist sport. The modern sporting world is ever evolving and females are seeking support to dominate cycling, diving, boxing, kicking and many other sports. Adidas have released their campaign ‘My Girls’ specifically aiming to support girls on a global scale.

My Girls is an initiative which shows case studies, represents female empowerment, positively approaches youthful individuals and styles these girls in a particular way- forming a female unity and the idea of being part of a team, almost. Some might claim that the collection works as a uniform but that suggests constraints and having to dress a certain way, whereas Adidas’ ethos is ‘to stand out’. The clothing is labelled into categories, a fun way of dividing specific appropriate sports garments. These labels include- wake up (for morning jogs and exercise), get moving (for laid back, home or studio clothing), play hard (for intense work outs), have fun (the decorative and visual, less practical garments) and chill out (says what it does on the tin).