Over the last few seasons we have seen many designers incorporating a modern sportswear feel into their collections. There are few that have done that quite so well as Alexandre Plokhov. Now the menswear designer at the frankly awesome Helmut Lang, for Plokhov’s own collection there is little hint of spring. Instead we get a series of slick and sporty streetwear influenced pieces. Tonally dominated by black, white and putty grey, there is only one print and that is a dark and graphic one. Proportions are fluid and comfortable and interchange between cropped and ever so slightly oversize. What makes these clothes stand out from other ranges from designers like the aforementioned Helmut Lang or the likes of Givenchy, is the considered approach to making things a little different – where there is draping it is subtle, on a textured sweatshirt the effect can only be seen when close up and best of all is the simple, pared down approach to the whole range. There is no attempt to dress up these clothes, which firmly belong in the stylish street. High end, avant garde but still clothes that you would want to wear everyday.