Escapism in the urban jungle, edgy street fashion, youth-inspired fine art and inspirational figures which define the current fashion and music scenes, compose the June/July edition of Chasseur.  From  Pop Couture poster boy Nik Thakkar and internationally acclaimed recording artist Emilie Autumn to Norwegian prodigy fashion designer Alex Mattsson and celebrity stylist  Alexis Knox, Raging Pulse takes you straight into a visual safari in which you are the hunter and our adeptly cultivated pantheon is your prey.

Other great individuals include fashion designers Asger Juel Larsen, Jen Gilpin of Don’t Shoot The Messengers, Andreja Bistricic and Maja Merlic of Dioralop as well as contemporary artists Sandra Chevrier, Liz Clements and Kris Knight.  The new issue also features the work of photographers Joey Leo, Kent Andreasen, Emma Woolrych, Danielle Klopper,  Ash Kingston, and Rakeem Cunningham.