Delve into the pages of our summer edition, an issue entirely dedicated to different facets of fashion from high end and avant-garde to edgy street. Last Exit In Paradise, includes exclusive interviews with Barbara I Gongini, Andrea Cammarosano, the creative duo behind leading Swedish brand ODEUR, Petter Hollström and Gorjan Lauseger, and the more upcoming designers Natalia Sushchenko, Xunfeng Shan and Man Mak. The new issue also features a diverse mix of editorial works from around the world, as captured by Winter Vandenbrink, Rumi Matsuzawa, Cheyne Tillier-Daly, Guglielmo Profeti, Wish Thanasarakhan, Frederic Monceau, Krzysztof Wyzynski, Myojin Makino and Sen Mitsuji.

Chasseur issue 9 - Last Exit To Paradise - summer 2014