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It seems like today’s fashion world is driving coast to coast and region to region finding influences and meshing together to create looks that are enviously stellar. Christian Cowan-Sanluis is a brand that has been on my radar for quite a while. From this brand I pick up a nostalgic sense of the west coast in the 1990’s. California prints, patched pieces and LUST over sized earrings that keep it a bit gangsta. It is clear that the SS14 collection has gone passed the expectations of impressive.

The White Holographic “Screw You” Tee, Black Lust Tee, Wooden Slut Cap and the Holographic Airtex Shorts really drip in the memories of a skateboarding youth in a time of tainted innocence. With the influence of music, pop culture and unforgettable events different decades defined their style in a strong manner. Though I am certain that with today’s styles we are dipping our noses into the past and pulling out the best contributions in order to make up our own panache that delineates our generation. Honorably, the Christian Cowan-Sanluis SS14 collection has shone the light on such an imaginative and persuasive process.