Ice cream, cupcakes, cherry coke, chocolate and candy pops are all specimens of sugary desires that have crossed our minds. However, what about accessories? Yes accessories such as earrings, hairpins, necklaces and headbands. Talented DIY connoisseur Chelsea Ling has established a line of delightful and delicious pieces that scream yummy! With a grand online following Paper Cakes has gained boundless attention for her stylish and scandalously tasty frills. The variation is ever so limitless granting consumers a chance to truly indulge.
From the Eat Shit Naughty Conversation Heart Necklace to the Roses and Spikes Headband the choices are insane. Other cleverly named additions include the Shabby Upside Down Cross Necklace, Letters From A Parisian Lady Necklace, Satan is my Sweetie Conversation Heart Necklace, Swan Garden Bobby Pins, Dark Secrets Locket Necklace, Cotton Candy Drop Earrings and the Golden Pony Necklace. Devilishly darling and phenomenally saccharine Paper Cakes pushes the envelope just enough to treat your sweet tooth. Available on Etsy it is simple for fashion aficionados to get their hands on these pieces. Sugar and spice with a dash of mischievous there is no denying the unmistakable charm and attraction Chelsea Ling demonstrates with this wonderful line.Paper Cakes jewelryPaper Cakes jewelryPaper Cakes jewelryPaper Cakes jewelryPaper Cakes jewelryPaper Cakes jewelryPaper Cakes jewelry