Illustrator, Ivan Belikov, has produced a collection of designs to reflect social networking in a artistic and cartoonised way. These images aren’t direct representations, they resemble a more graphicised interpretation of the every day social norm- a sketchy, colourful and vivid bold image. The collection often manipulates our knowledge and develops this. For example, we all know that the blue bird icon is associated with Twitter as a social media brand- therefore, Ivan has taken this concept of the blue bird and formed an illustrated interpretation. This illustration is a brutalised and the bird lays dead, filling the image with connotations of death and perhaps suggesting that social media is distructive. Other social media creations include the manipulation of the idea of instagram- the instagram camera is placed on a snails back and acts as a shell for the snail. The connotations within this image are down to personal interpretation. The final array of illustrations is a dribbble collection, displaying a purple fly nesting on the ball that is associated with the dribBble brand.

Twitter by Ivan BelikovTwitter by Ivan BelikovTwitter by Ivan BelikovInstagram by Ivan BelikovInstagram by Ivan BelikovInstagram by Ivan BelikovDribbble by Ivan Belikov Dribbble by Ivan Belikov Dribbble by Ivan Belikov