Jane Bowler
Innovation for fashion designers is a step into the future for individuals who push the boundary. This is especially so for Jane Bowler in her latest collection Tessellate AW13.

Tes•sel•late (t s -l t ): To form into a mosaic pattern, as by using small squares of stone or glass.

This concept caught our attention in the design world when shape became a priority in garments. Configured by exquisite features in the blueprints of mosaic quality, Tessellate AW13 has an entire platform to expose materials in a new light. With shimmer adding to its depth, the element of this fascination belongs to a post-world of tangible intent whereby taking on the beauty of each construction is proving identity can be manipulated. In each triangle constructed through the tip of the dress or collar, the poignant influence is left to our imagination of its source. Each piece is believable to predict Queendom in a science fiction scene where we vow that odes to fashion are pivotal to document history and its direction to woman in power. With fringing in the foreground providing a great balance to the patterns each garment possesses, an interconnected direct flow is created to make magic. A great story is inserted in this collection.