I did not choose fashion; fashion chose me! Janis’s self-claimed prophecy to fashion comes as no surprise when you take a peek at his brand new collection entitled Self Destruct. A mish mash of textures and graphic pattern, the largely monochrome collection embodies the vibe of street chic with an edge. Flashes of purple ignite against sharp greys and blacks, teamed with skinny black jeans and oversized coated outerwear. This collection is the urban guy’s kryptonite, with a nod to fashion in every single piece of the collection Janis has blurred the lies between high fashion and street wear in a rare union, resulting in a strong mix of edgy shorts with patterned tights and teaming matching printed tops. The collection’s overall vibe is that of an understated fashion pack elite, who prefer to hide the flamboyances with tailored strong silhouettes and a timeless black and white combo that doesn’t scream fashion, but quite simply says it all.