Myriads of young men and women have throughout the last century, found their way to Hollywood, seeking only one thing; film stardom. Not everyone has succeeded in their journey, but as long as ‘Tinseltown’ lives, there will always be hope. For Jean Gritsfeldt however ‘Hollywood is Dead’ or so he proclaims in his latest spring 15’ offering. Inspired by ideas associated with the motion picture industry, the Ukrainian designer, produced a line rich in film references that emphasize the constant change in public taste. Most of these ideas come to life through tongue-in-cheek texts that are used on photos of iconic stars such as James Dean in the form of quotes. Close to this spirit, a graphic depiction of King Kong, the colossal gorilla from the eponymous 1933 classic film, also comes into play alongside a text that reads ‘King Kong or Ping Pong’, highlighting the difference between the old and new Hollywood.

Symbolisms aside, the new collection offers plenty to choose from, featuring everything from knitwear, fitted shirts, assymetrical skirts, tailored trousers and blazers to slippers in muted shades of beige, orchid pink.burgundy, black and navy blue. To top it all off, several custom made pieces of jewellery were incorporated in the lookbook, adding that extra touch of ‘retro glamour’.